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 Village Clans

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PostSubject: Village Clans   Village Clans I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2012 1:40 am

Clan Information:
Clan Name:Kikemone
Clan Symbol:
Clan Bloodline/Kekkei Genkai:This clan has the Gaton Release. Gaton is Glass and can not be copied by the Sharingan, and also it can counter act the Byakugan by making the user of the Byakugan see multiple images of themselves if they where to activate it or look at the ninja if he or she used their mirror armor. Also, beginners of this clan have to have a bag of glass shards with them, or else they can't use any of there jutsu's, but if you are and expert or foresay mastered the clans jutsu's then you can form glass out of thin air.
Clan Jutsu:

Glass Jutsu's Gaton Lvl 1

These Require Shards Sense you are starting off at a beginner level

Glass Jutsu's Gaton Level 2

These Require Shards Sense you are still at that beginner level


Glass Jutsu's Gaton Level 3

These Require Shards but you can Generate your own glass every 3 posts you make


Glass Jutsu's Gaton Level 4

These Require Shards but you can generate your own glass every second post you make


Glass Jutsu's Gaton Level 5

These Require Shards but you can now generate glass every two posts you make.
Glass Jutsu's Gaton Level 6

These require just a bsic amount of shards, but you can generate glass every other post you make


Glass Jutsu's Gaton Level 7

These don't require shards sense you have mastered each one of the levels with success so you can generate glass whenever now.

Where the clan is Mainly found at: Kumogakure
Leader: Alarick Kikemone
Avaliable Slots:

How to train each jutsu: So this is something real basic when learning the field of glass jutsu training:

If you are a Genin you can learn E and D rank jutsu's with ease. E ranked jutsu require a total of 100 word training topic. D require 150 word training topic.

If you are a Chuunin then you can learn, D, and C rank jutsu's with ease. D rank jutsu's for you require a 100 word training topic. C ranked jutsu require a 200 word training topic.

If you are a Jounin then C and B ranked jutsu's, along with A ranked jutsu you can learn with ease. C ranked jutsu's require a 150 word training topic, B ranked 300 and A ranked 600.

If you are anything higher the same rules apply as above, but, S rank jutsu require 1000 word training post and SS rank jutsu require 1500 training post.

Note* You can start off at any rank but you will still have to learn some of these jutsu's depending on what rank you start off as or what rank the site currently allows.
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Village Clans
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