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 Pokemon Summit

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PostSubject: Pokemon Summit   Pokemon Summit I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 25, 2012 1:44 am

Pokemon Summit Poksubanner

Pokémon Summit is an RPG, specializing in a mixed-style of role-play. We have a plethora of systems that range from both arena matches and text-based role-playing.

The Limits are Off!
Pokémon are capable of learning and using all of the moves that is in their arsenal, Level-Up through Generation Exclusive moves.

Starter Pokémon are chosen in pairs, with any Pokémon that is approved capable of being a fair-game Starter. In addition to this, the Starters also have access to any four moves in their Level-Up bracket to start off with, no matter the Level.

No longer are you only obligated to six Pokémon. Free-For-Alls, Tournaments, and even Regular Matches can allow any amount of Pokémon you may have in your party.

A League of Plenty
Our League boasts many Gym Leader positions, along with the classic Elite Four and Champion ranks. Each embody all of the elemental types, boasting their own strategies and parties to guarantee a battle of variety.

Always having a watchful eye out for newer contenders, the League scout out Trainers who are willing to join their ranks. You could be the next Gym Leader.

Our Elites are top-notch battlers, sporting the most power of all Trainers; dwarfed only by the Champion. Join the League challenge and battle your way to the top!

Contests of the Dazzling
The Contests are equally as engaging, having its own separate system of operation.

Coordinators of all kinds are welcome to join in on the Contest Circuit. Bring your best performances to the table and watch them shine in the eyes of our judges.

Become a Master Coordinator and pass down your experience to lesser experienced members. The road is paved with hardship, but the determined are able to break through into victory!

Join the Ranger Union
Take on the name of the Rangers and help to create a perfect atmosphere for all Trainers. As Rangers, your job is to protect and serve under the Union, doing whatever is required to ensure that peace is enjoyed by all.

Sometimes, following orders isn't always the most prudent move. In this vein, breaking the rules of the Union is on occasion needed to ensure that all Trainers enjoy a liberty. A hero's work is never done.

Your Path Is Your Choice, No Matter the Affiliation
Join or create a team or group and fight for your own ideal world. However you wish to shape your destiny, know that anything is possible. Move up the ranks and secure destiny, however you see fit. Bring your teams up to greatness.

Whether it be searching for the Legendary Pokemon, bringing more Trainers under your cause, or even taking other's Pokemon for your own goals; the road to total reverence is a long one. Structure and order are key... fearlessness is mandatory.

Train to Become the Strongest
Training is the essence of a battler. Train your Pokémon and their individual skills to however you see fit. Pokémon have a large variety of strengths and weaknesses, so it is good to always train your adversity to achieve total victory.

The World Championship Awaits!
The World Championship awaits any Trainer wanting to prove that they are the best! No matter their origins, Trainers off all walks of life can convene to see who reigns as the world's strongest!

This is only a taste of what our RPG has to offer. What will you do? How will you control your future?

Pokemon Summit Pokemo13
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Summit   Pokemon Summit I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 25, 2012 1:46 am

Pokemon Summit Pokefiliate4
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Pokemon Summit Pokefiliate3
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Pokemon Summit Pokefiliate
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Pokemon Summit
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