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PostSubject: The site Staff   The site Staff I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2012 2:11 am

Head Administrator
The Head Administrator of the site brings order in and to everything. He/she makes sure everyone is taken care of and is somewhat of a last resort if something gets out of hand. He/she mainly knows everything about the site and where things are placed. If you have any questions a person that can answer them all is the head admin. The he/she is the boss of the site and is the one in power of everything, because everything runs underneath his/her feet.

The Administrators are almost like the head admin but slightly different. They do have the same responsibilities as him/her such as keeping the site in order and making sure everything runs smoothly, but they also have to direct and “boss about” the Global Moderators and the Moderators. Making sure the everything is where it needs to be.

~Adding and Editing Rules/Announcements/Archives

~Updating Characters and Approving All types of applications

~Moderating the CB

~Keeping a close eye on RP topics

Global Moderator
Global Moderators are more powerful than moderators and weaker than Administrators. They focus on Approving applications and making sure that the chat box is a nice welcoming place. They need to go to the administrators in order to pass rules and other laws. They have power but without the other administrators say so there power means nothing.

~Moderating the CB

~Approving all types of applications

~Moderating Fights in the off topic RP battle area

Moderators are beginning staff members who are wanting to be something bigger. Although not all will excel from the moderator position, moderators help out around the site with applications and such. They only have power in the Jutsu/Weapon creation applications and the chat box, other than that they have no power.

~Approving Jutsu’s/Weapon applications

~Answering certain questions
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The site Staff
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