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 Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P]

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Sankou Kabarashi
Sankou Kabarashi

Posts : 19
Join date : 2012-10-09
Age : 26
Location : Changing The World

Character sheet
Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Left_bar_bleue145/145Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Empty_bar_bleue  (145/145)
Jutsu Tokens:
Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Left_bar_bleue0/8Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Empty_bar_bleue  (0/8)

Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Empty
PostSubject: Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P]   Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 11:31 pm

Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] 40-25
I am now the one who seeks victory, I am the new Era in the eyes of integrity. Justice might be my option in life but then again who said I wanted it to be. I might make my own choices, I might not, but keep in mind, I, Sankou Kabarashi, will not be looked down upon as second class, because I know that I am better than that.

General Information:
Name: Kabarashi, Sankou
Nickname/Alias: The Black Wolf, The Purple Flame, The Tempermental Jinchurriki
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Weight: 165 Lbs
Height: 5'10"
Catch Phrase: Let's get Wild!!

Personality Information:
Sankou is a brave and strong fighter, a genius, both on the battle field and off, never making the wrong choice…or at least that’s what he wishes he was. In truth he is quite the broad and interesting specimen. He seems to both be unrealistically transparent whilst also being incredibly varied. He is quite difficult to describe in just a few words as he tends to be a genius at one moment and a complete moron in another, he can be kind and cold, observant and oblivious, he is difficult to describe with merely one of these terms. His entire personality seems to most to be one constant flux, ever varying, constantly changing, it can only be said that he contains multitudes. He possesses several personality aspects which seem to be a relative constant and yet there are some times when they may be missing all together.

[Brave/Stubborn/Prideful]: The easiest part of his personality to pin down is his tendency to be exceedingly [borderline stupidly] brave. He does not back down from any situation in which he can protect someone or something, such situations seeming to light a fire within him when they occur. And due to his stubborn nature, he cannot back down from them even if they grow out of hand, thus his bravery closely borders stupidity. It has been said that he would be likely to go against a Kage themselves if one [or even more than one] were to threaten something he cared about. Bearing that in mind, he also finds it exceedingly difficult to back down from any sort of challenge or dare, no matter how impractical or impossible it seems to be. This has indeed gotten him into many situations which were far over his head, quite a number of which, he barely managed to talk or fight his way out of.

He is oft criticized or berated by people who claim he has no common sense to keep him out of these situations. Yet this is both true and untrue, he is simply too prideful to back down, it would after all, be an insult to his name and pride if he were to do such a thing. One of the few things he absolutely cannot stand is an insult, be it to himself or to someone he cares for and often he will answer such an insult with a challenge to battle or some other ridiculous type of game, even if there is very little of a chance that he can win, which is highly likely to get him into a great deal of trouble or personal injury. He is not malicious with these acts though, he has good intentions, it is just that often these aspects of his personality conflict with his rationale.

[Curious/Intelligent/Avid-Learner]Perhaps the first things that people notice about Sankou is that he is an outrageously curious person, causing the simplest of things to be blown into a full scale fiasco merely because he put his nose in a place it did not belong. As such he greatly enjoys learning new things and living through new and unique experiences. He enjoys doing anything that may increase his knowledge base. He also finds. He finds delight in puzzles, seeking the solutions frantically and even after finishing them; he may do them several more times just to prove mastery over them. Perhaps as a result of his aforementioned curiosity, he is extremely intelligent. One of the smartest minds within his previous order, he has been called as a genius. But the ever modest one, he would deny it. He knows, what he knows. He does not openly brag about his knowledge, nor does he openly give it away, preferring to only display said knowledge when needed. Largely due to his massive curiosity he actively seeks to always increase his knowledge base and because of such it is incredibly rare to find him without a book or scroll of which he will examine every character of in an attempt to gain any and all information from the material.

[Playful/Trickster]Sankou could only be defined as the trickster. He loves to play games, more so he loves to play games with other beings. A little extra chaos always makes the world a brighter place in his eyes. He has always been the prankster and the practical joker; although many find his jokes to be...less than funny. As such he is very sly and cunning so much so, that he often believes he can talk his way out of anything, but more often he only manages to talk himself into more trouble. He often enjoys games of any sort, but his stubborn nature often makes him more than unwilling to accept defeat and will often cheat or bewilder his opponent if it means he can walk away the victor.

Personality Traits:
* Wild

-Sankou specifically likes the taste of smoked or cooked meat over an open grill.

-One of his favorite hobbies while dangerous is setting small things ablaze and watching them burn.

- Fire



-Sarcastic People

-Raw meat

-Being underestimated


1. Sankou first and foremost fears losing, rather if it is in a fight or something such as a challenge.

2. Sankou secondly hates being trapped, confined or otherwise locked up, his case of claustrophobia quickly setting in and making him freak out.

Habits: - Often scratching himself with his foot rather than his hands

- Sleeping like most dogs or small canine animals

-Seen around a pack of dogs, wolves or other animals.


1. Completely conquer and control the bijuu inside of him.

2. Find out the origins of his family and why he was abandoned in Hane.

3. Live his life to the fullest and never stop doing it.

Description Information:

Sankou is man of many tastes and styles but prefers to keep it simple just because its less of a hassle. The Young Genin has a unique set of styles while being in the village whether he is relaxing in his cave working, doing important business or well just doing what he wants. Although the styling of his clothes are the same, there are two manners in which he wears it, one being for seriousness and the other for laxed. Starting off with his head, Sankou sports a naturally messy head of red hair which is predominately heavier on the left side meaning that his left side is a bit longer than the right which is only noticeable when he tilts his head to the left or leans downward. His eyes are both an eerier and very intoxicating yellow color.Moving down to his torso area, covering his chest he wears a black vest that is zipped all the way up to his neck where the collar stands up and covers it perfectly, which the black vest is covered with a red jacket. Adorned on this jacket is a set of straps that when connected make an X pattern belt that sits nicely along his sides. Lastly he wears a set of black pants and black boots.

Now although both styles carry the same look, the way he wears the clothing when he is more relaxed is different. His jacket or more specifically its left side is now resting on the X pattern belt showing the whole left side of the vest. While relaxing, Sankou's left eye is involuntarily closed, leaving him looking through his right green eye for some time.

Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow
Skin Color: Light Tan
Identifying Marks: Wolf like eyes, longer canines.
Affinity Information:
Main: Katon l Fire

Advanced/Kekkei Genkai: ??

Rank Information:
Ninja Rank (Desired): D
Ninja Rank (Recieved):
Ninja Class: Genin
Village: Hanegakure
NOTE* If you are a missing ninja be sure to Put an EX in front of the village you were formerly apart of.

Specialty Information:
Main: Taijutsu
Sub: Ninjutsu

Due to being the Jinchuriki of the four tails, his senses are heightened to that of an actual wolf. In short, his five senses are extended by 50 meters.

In addition, his speed and reflexes are also that of a wolf allowing him to be as nimble as he wants.

Lastly, Sankou has an extremely good mental compacity, allowing him to remember small minute details as well as scents of people.


Due to the influence of the four tails, Sankou's emotions are unstable being to the point that the smallest of insults will trigger him to go off.

While Sankou's nose is fine tuned like a wolf, certain smells like mustard gas or other foul smells (like skunk) cause him to get nausous and disoriented.

Lastly, as a genetic kick in the balls, Sankou's left eye is slightly weaker than his right which causes him to count on his right eye more.

~Rate Information~
On a Scale from 1-10 rate how your character is.
Generosity- 6
Loyalty- 8
Murderous- 7.5
Neutral- 8
Treason- 4
Recklessness- 10
Intimidation- 9

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Sankou Kabarashi
Sankou Kabarashi

Posts : 19
Join date : 2012-10-09
Age : 26
Location : Changing The World

Character sheet
Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Left_bar_bleue145/145Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Empty_bar_bleue  (145/145)
Jutsu Tokens:
Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Left_bar_bleue0/8Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Empty_bar_bleue  (0/8)

Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P]   Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2014 7:40 pm

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Posts : 2
Join date : 2014-08-12

Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P]   Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2014 8:26 pm

I seemed to have amde a mistake in my template


[b]History:[/b] (Explain what has happened in your characters life from birth till now. Minimum amount is 4 paragraphs each 8 sentences long)

please add this and then your set to go, My deepest apologies.
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Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P]   Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P] I_icon_minitime

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Sankou Kabarashin [W.I.P]
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