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 Jutsu Token System

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PostSubject: Jutsu Token System   Jutsu Token System I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2012 6:15 pm

I and the staff of NVOL have come up with a system that would make it less of a drag to train for everyt single jutsu you want to have. Not all of us have time to train for jutsu's, so our characters remain jutsu-less for quite sometime making us weak and vulnerable, unless your character is a kenjutsu specialist or you already have gotten all of the jutsu's you need, but that always isn't the case for some.

How the Jutsu Token System works is that if you do a good deed, win a tournament or something of the sort you will recieve one jutsu token that gives you a free pass to learn a jutsu without training for it.

However there is a limit to the number if jutsu tokens you can get because we don't want a whole bunch of people walking around the site with a hundred tokens so we have a maximum amount. Each person can only get 8 jutsu tokens. This number is bound to change so be on the look out. In the mean time have fun.

*Update 1* Jutsu/abilities on the limited list this systems cannot be used for that must be done by the roleplayer themselves.
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Jutsu Token System
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