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 Sankou Kaburashi, The Three-tailed Jinchuriki [WIP]

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Sankou Kabarashi
Sankou Kabarashi

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PostSubject: Sankou Kaburashi, The Three-tailed Jinchuriki [WIP]   Sankou Kaburashi, The Three-tailed Jinchuriki [WIP] I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 23, 2015 4:00 am

Sankou Kaburashi, The Three-tailed Jinchuriki [WIP] Latest?cb=20140817193334
I am now the one who seeks victory, I am the new Era in the eyes of integrity. Justice might be my option in life but then again who said I wanted it to be. I might make my own choices, I might not, but keep in mind, I, will not be looked down upon as second class, because I know that I am better than that.

General Information:
Name: Kaburashi, Sankou
Nickname/Alias: Silver-Eyed Jinchuriki, Deserter of the Hane, One-Eyed Cat, Sanbi no Orochi, San, The Black Sheep, The fallen Nara
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Weight: 180 lbs
Height: 6'1
Catch Phrase: "Where the wind and ice blows, I go"

Personality Information:
Sankou is a character in himself and cannot be explained by a normal persons observation. At a glance, he seems like a mild mannered male who simply likes to have fun and do interesting things which is true. The other side of him though is something many would not expect of a young male like him. At any point he could delve into his deep interest in entrapment or making traps, usually garnered by his obsession to tie things up with many things or simply trap them, a quirk both him and his father share. While he usually acts as the cool bravado member of his team who likes to fight solo, yet if its for the group he would throw away his own fun just to help them out. It goes without saying that Sankou is a weird individual with a mind of....really odd things, but when it comes down to it he is a good friend and an awesome partner.

Delving more into his unique personality, he has quite the explosive, hyperactive persona seen when he truly gets excited by something rather it be a challenge, new manner of igniting or exploding something, or good music. His devotion to what's left of his family and his friends goes to no bounds as he would sacrifice himself for the group rather than letting them go out.Known for being the quiet and reserved type, Sankou also carries the innate and often troublesome traits that each Nara male has. Outside of his office and around the village Sankou displays a kind and compassionate side for all of his village, going to lengths such as to help many of the merchants sell their good or help the elderly with their shopping if they require it. Being a man of his village for his village Sankou will do whatever needs to be done to help his village prosper.

..Yet this was him before he left the village. Now since his defection, he has grown accustomed to the loner lifestyle, only needing himself and his bijuu in order to survive. Taken to the harsh cold of the North, the Ex- Chuunin evades all village life and even if one were to find themselves in his frozen wasteland he would never step from his home to help. Knowing that the Shinobi world treats him and his kind like weapons and assets, he knows kindness only to fellow Jinchuriki that have lived the life that he has, but to other? Be weary.
Personality Traits: (2-5 adjectives describing your character)
Like:(What do you like)

  • Cold
  • The North
  • Being Free
  • Practicing his swordsmanship
  • Exploring the Ice

Dislikes:(What don't you like)

  • Fire
  • Villages
  • Being Used
  • His Father
  • Being overly warm


  • Returning Back to Hane
  • Losing the Sanbi
  • Dying
  • Becoming what his father wanted
  • Being Captured

-Napping among the Ice
-Sitting with the Bears of the North
-Conversing with himself
-To completely harmonize and master his Bijuu
-Meet the rest of the Eight Jinchuriki
-Live his life

Description Information:
Sankou's physical appearance is like that of an active ninja, his body is rigorously and physically fit, having a slender and very athletic appearance. For his clothing, he wears a maroon colored hoodie with a red cloak draped over his back which he is always seen to have the hood up with. This outfit is always coupled with a pair of long pants and flat footed sandals. Underneath the hoodie, he wears a white undershirt.

Sankou's facial features are also very distinctive as well. The most predominant traits of this young male starts off with his hair, which is silver albeit spiky going down to his back. His face is elongated and has a wide drawn mouth, and this coupled with his eyes give him a somewhat cat like appearance. His hair always seems to cover the right side of his face where his eye is covered with an eye patch.

When not on duty he wears a white sleeves jacket which when zipped all the way up covers his mouth and nose. On the back of this jacket is the clan's unique symbol and serves as a reminder of what he is and where he comes from as well as a key source of his "explosive" nature. For pants he wears a pair of loose fitting black pants on top of a pair of black bandages and foot wrappings. Over his arms lay a pair of black arm coverings that can be zipped up or down to take them off.

His other attire is simple among the village, though as he changes his clothing rather periodically it is rather nice. While not an official rendition of the young eighteen year old, Sankou's overall description ranks him as a young child when this is indeed false. Standing at 6'1, this young ex-Chuunin wears a long hooded cloak whose bottom and sleeves have become frayed and torn due to the harsh elements of the north yet his true clothing has not. The cloak itself covers most of his body save for the bottom portion of his legs, his hands and when the hood is not on, his head. While some would think that the cloak offers no real insulation, it was made for the specific purpose of moving through the cold or heat with no real influence on the owner. Underneath the cloak however lies his true clothing. Underneath the exquisite cloak, Sankou sports a very well made Gi which was given to him by a passing seller. The Gi itself is very traditional in the sense that the sleeves are well cut and stop at his forearms and the shirt piece itself flows down towards his legs and splits to two sides. The top and bottom portion are of course separated by a single golden belt that matches the black Gi's trim. His other outfit consists of a single black cloak that covers all of his body except for the knee portion of his legs and lower. The collar of said cloak covers his mouth unless folds it. When wearing this he still keeps the Black Gi on.
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Silver
Skin Color: Milky
Identifying Marks: Silver Cat like eye(s), Eye-Patch, Single scar running down his right eye

Affinity Information:
Main: Suiton
Sub:  Futon
Sub: (Katon, Futon, Raiton, Doton, Suiton (Jounin and Higher))
Advanced/Kekkei Genkai: Ice/Snow [Bijuu Element]

Rank Information:
Ninja Rank (Desired): C
Ninja Rank (Recieved): (E,D,C,B,A,S,SS)
Ninja Class: EX-Chuunin
Village: EX-Hane

Specialty Information:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub:  Bukijutsu
+Enhanced Speed
+Enhanced Flexibility
+Enhanced Eyesight
-Can only see through his uncovered eye
-Has slightly less sight in his left eye when used
-Is highly susceptible to Fire and heat


~Rate Information~
On a Scale from 1-10 rate how your character is.
Generosity 8
Loyalty 5
Murderous 6
Neutral 9
Treason 9
Recklessness 6
Intimidation 9
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Sankou Kaburashi, The Three-tailed Jinchuriki [WIP]
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