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 Shirotori Clothing/Appearance

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Shirotori Clothing/Appearance Empty
PostSubject: Shirotori Clothing/Appearance   Shirotori Clothing/Appearance I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2014 3:48 pm

The shirotori practically wear the same uniform as the Anbu Black-ops except with a few differences such as color and what not. The color of the shirotori's uniform consists of Blue, Black, and Gray. They also do wear masks to hide their identity from there enemies, however, the masks aren't required just suggested.

The shirotori also have distinctive tattoos. The tattoo's do not have to be visible but alterations to their outfit pointing out which tattoo they have must be stitched or engraved somewhere on their uniform, also on a minor note the shirotori also have their finger nails painted exactly like the Akatsuki, the colors must always vary from different shades of blue, or plain black, or plain gray.

(more to be added)
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Shirotori Clothing/Appearance
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