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 Naruto Will of Fire

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PostSubject: Naruto Will of Fire   Naruto Will of Fire I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 28, 2012 12:11 pm

[]Naruto Will of Fire 72610021[/url]

[]Naruto: Will of Fire[/url]

Three years have passed since Konoha was attacked. The Third perished, and Danzou Shimura was brought in to step in as the Fourth Hokage. Despite his michievous ways and the ANBU Ne under his thumb, he seemed to do for the moment as ruler. In other villages, odd happenings happened to the current Kages. One by one, they were killed, all by different means. Each was replaced, and every shinobi in every village is on edge. What caused these deaths? For those who could get to the strongest five ninja in the world and live to tell the tale, what could possibly be their goal?

The world is at peace, but for how long? Villages have accused each other of killing their heads, for spying, raiding, and the like. Create a fully customized Custom character and roleplay them as you wish in this alternate world of Naruto! Watch your character grow and learn along you as you progress over time and work. On the other hand, maybe you just can't get your creative juices flowing, and you wish to assume control of a Canon character. That is also just fine for all users. Whether you wish to betray your country, attempt to become the most feared Missing Nin in the entire world, or if you wish to simply master as many jutsu as possible: you can do it.

This world of Naruto is unlike any other, lead by dedicated Staff who are players just like you, who want to make this a fun forum for everyone. They will joke, laugh, and play just like everyone else - if not for their status, you would swear they were just normal members. The environment on Naruto: Will of Fire is very enjoyable, and many members have stated so.

Join today!

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Naruto Will of Fire
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